Tobee® FGD Limestone Slurry Pump

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Tobee® TL(R) FGD Limestone Slurry Pump is the new generation high efficiency energy saving pump product elaborately researched and developed by Tobee through absorbing the technical advantages from similar FGD pumps from domestic and abroad, with reference to the technical specifications of flue gas desulfurization project, aiming at the characteristic of FGD system of transporting medium through pump in thermal power plant.

Design Features:

√ Excellent performance and comparatively high reliability and stability.

√ Simple structure, convenient maintenance and reliable operation.

√ Excellent performance of corrosion resisting and wear resisting, suitable for transporting different PH medium.

√ The bearing body adopts tubular structure, which will adjust the bearing parts to change the position of impeller in the pump cavity and make the pump be always under high efficiency operating status.

√ The shaft seals can be classified as filler seal, dynamic seal and assembled mechanical seal specially used for desulphurization technology to facilitate users to select suitable shaft seal according to actual condition. It is easy to be installed and maintained without connecting clean industrial flushing water.

Tobee® TL FGD Limestone Slurry Pumps Applications:

Power plant:

FGD system, Limestone slurries, Fly ash slurries, Gypsum slurries

Sulfuric acid phosphate fertilizer industry:

Transporting acid, liquor, sewage, water, fluoride acid containing silica, phosphate slurry and other media.

Non-ferrous metal smelting industry:

Particularly suitable for lead, zinc, gold, silver, copper, manganese, cobalt, rare earth and other various hydrometallurgical acid, corrosive pulp slurry (filter press equipped with) electrolyte , sewage and other media delivery.

Chemical and other companies:

A variety of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, alkaline, clear liquid or slurry oils posts. Titanium dioxide, iron Pink production, various dyes, pigments production, non-metallic mineral processing industries.

The chlor-alkali industry:

hydrochloric acid, caustic electrolyte and so on.


Pure water, high pure water, wastewater (sewage leather, electroplating wastewater, electronics sewage, papermaking sewage, textile sewage, food waste water, sewage, sewage pharmaceutical industry, etc.).

Iron and steel enterprises:

Sulfuric acid system, hydrochloric acid positions, with impurities sewage.

Wet semidry desulfurization circulation pump:

To apply basic, acidic, corrosive positions simultaneously.

The coal industry:

Coal corrosive liquids, coal ash coal slurry transportation

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